PE Practical Test

Last Monday, My classmates and I had our PE (physical education) practical test. This is the heaviest PE test that I had ever done. we have to do Push up, Sit up, Back up, and Scot rush. Our teacher, Mr. Gugun is the one who will record how many times we did those activities in one minute. We were on partner, and my partner was Regina.

I did well on the test. I did about thirty more on push up, sit up, and back up in one minute. On Scot Rush, I can only did 20 times. I couldn’t do more than that because my body refuse to move. My energy had already been taken on the other three activities.

After the test I felt like can’t feel my feet. I can’t even walked properly to the class room. Regina and I walked so slowly to the classroom.

And then, on the next day, Tuesday, I felt my body hurt so much, and my friends also. We can’t even laugh so hard because our stomach hurt, however, we laugh because we were trying not to laugh to avoid this hurt, that’s why we couldn’t stop. 


Chinese New Year Assembly

As usual, every year our school will always celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

The celebration was opened by awesome lion dance. I took some picture. Every class performed. Start from the KG  until grade 10. But from my class, the Mandarin Students did not perform. 

There were fashion show from the small kids, drama from the elementary, and some class sing Mandarin songs by playing some music instruments. 

The celebration also closed by the lion dance, but this time, the Lions were trying to take the ang pao. The ang pao were hung on the basketball court and on the door of some classes.

On the lobby before we go home, there were students and parents lining up. It was a long queue. Guess what? all of them were lining up for an ang pao, so do I. I got an ang pao and a Mandarin Orange. After that I went home.


Helping the Sinabung Victims

The student council made held another activity. I love this activity. We knew at that time there was a disaster in North Sumatera, yap! the Sinabung eruption. So, our goal is to help the victims there.

The first activity was fun walk, so we have to walk along the track which  the leader have told us. But before that, we did a warming up. we did an aerobic lead by Mrs. Letard. it was fun.

After the fun walk, there are other activities. There was film viewing for elementary and for the high school. Some of the grade ten students also sale food. There was also carnival, there were so many games to be played. But me and my friend Regina, we preferred to watch movie, the title is Frozen. I bought fresh corn too to be eaten while watching the movie, so do her.

There was also performance from the school band to entertain us. The activity took from the morning until the middle of the day.

Class Meeting

After our Term 2 examination, the high school student council held class meeting for 3 days. Class meeting is an activity where each class: grade 7, 8A, 8B, 9 and 10 will meet in some activity, such as sport activities and others. 

So, on the first day of the class meeting, we did 2 sports, hand ball and football. Hand ball is for the girls while the football is for the boys of the high school. It was great, because our class, grade 9 win against the other class. We have half day school, so from the morning until half of the day we just play.

On the second day, there was Live performance, some of my friends performed. there were also school band performance, also dance from the other class. After the live performance, there was film viewing, we watch Insidious movie, After that we go home.

On the last day, we continue the activity on the first day. we play hand ball, and the boys play football. I don’t really enjoy the last day of the class meeting, because some of my friends didn’t come, maybe they are tired. Me and my friend felt so lazy to get out from the class, so we decided to turn the music on and enjoy the music so loud from the speaker inside the class room. But over all, the class meeting was fun. That was our second class meeting from the student council of junior high school.


Hi readers! 😀 here is my post about my reflection on my ICT class at school.

On our ICT period, we learnt about the types and component of computers. This topic is quiet complicated, we got so many things to memorize here. To help this our teacher ask us to make presentation in groups, and then present it in front of our classmates, and then after the presentation, we did a quiz, so, we should pay attention to our friends’ presentations, and the result of my quiz was nice, I didn’t get low score.

The other activity that we did is with the same group, we made mind map about our topic that was given before. but the criteria now for the mind mapping must be presentable because it is going to be post and people will read it, so it must be nice, beautiful, neat, and presentable.

Last week, we had our term 1 examination, and these activities really help me on the exam. Today we are going to have our ICT class, I wish I could hear good news from my teacher that I got high score for ICT.

Biology – Grade 9

Hi readers! This is my first post in this new school year. Enjoy! 🙂

In our Biology class, we learnt about reproduction in plants, it include the parts of the flower, and the types of pollination, reproduction is divided into sexual and asexual reproduction, in this topic we did group activity.

We were divided into 4 groups, and my group mates are Regina, Angeline and Agam. We had chance to chose which plant we want to plant, and we choose garlic. We divided our work, and the next week, we brought the materials needed, we made 1 set up. We did the observation every week, as our formative assessment.

Then we did an observation of the inside part of yellow bell flower and orchid, we use microscope because some parts of the flower can’t be seen with naked eyes. After we observe, we draw the external look of the flowers in our notebook and we did some calculation for the magnification that we made. We also draw how the internal part of the flower according to what we see in the microscope. Do you guys know how does yellow bell flower and orchid looks like? Here’s the picture!

Yellow bell :


Orchid :