Edu Trip ^^

Yeyy.. It was the day for a long trip, the day that I’ve been waiting for along time. Before we go, we have our briefing at school. We were having our edu trip for 4 days and 3 nights.

First day, we arrive at Batam. It’s a nice place, first, we visited the Barelang bridge. Then we went to Coastarina Beach. You know, after playing of course we felt hungry, so, we have a dinner. After we have our dinner, we checked into Sari Jaya hotel, I really enjoy my first night in Sari Jaya hotel, it was fun.

The second day, I woke up at 05.00, and also I need to woke my room mates and also my friends which was having far room from ours, Agam, Faisal and Faris. Then we took a bath and pack our things, and have breakfast. After that we went to Sekupang Harbour, yes, we were going to Singapore.

We were in the Singapore. We immediately went to Universal Studio Singapore. In there, I played 5 games, and all of them were fantastic! After playing, we have our dinner, and then we checked in to inn.

The third day, we went to Merlion Park, it was a hot day. After that we went to RGS. It’s awesome. The students there were really kind. They’re friendly. In there we were having performance, me and my friend is performing Melayu dance. And they liked it!! Then we went to Science centre. There were many science project, and I enjoy it a lot, but unfortunately, we should go back to Batam. So we went to the Harbour. Then we checked in to the hotel. I enjoyed the last night in Batam. Me, Regina, Edita, Alya, Angeline, Agam, Faisal, Faris and some grade eight played all night in Faisal’s room.

The last day, we went to a beach. I don’t really know the name. It’s a nice beach. After that we went to the airport, and we went back to Pekanbaru, and we went to kerinci by bus.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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