“You” for All of You…

During our activities week, we were having a night concert which was for the junior high school and the afterschool activities. It was exactly on Tuesday night, 15 March 2012 at the function room. We were hoping that the performance would be nice, because we had been practicing for many times during our music class, and the last rehearsal was on Friday before the activities week. This was really challenging because even in the rehearsal we still made mistake. We were also thought by Ms. May to smile during the performance.

We were performing a song titled “You”, a song for all of them in the function room who was watching us. We were performing it with the grade 8 students. During the performance, I had difficulties, because I could not hear my own voice. My voice was covered by the boys of grade 8. They sing it very gentle and loudly. At that time, I sang the alto part, that’s the other reason why it was difficult. Alto part was the only part that the note was changing every count, and also, I was lost at a several times, because beside me was a soprano singer, sometimes I followed her part, it was out of control, but I could went back to my part.

I’ve tried my best, especially at the ending part. That part was the most difficult part because there are different notes from each part, soprano had different note and me, as alto also had a different note. But I did it well. Although we had always get lost during the practice session.


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