My Reflection on Starch Test – Science

Today, we did an experiment to test starch on plants. We were asked by Ms. May to make two set – ups of Mungbean. one set – up with light source, and another set – up was put in dark place (no light source). This set – ups were made for the experiment with iodine to check which set – up has starch and which one has none. Another thing that we’re asked to do is to put a black paper with shape and clip it on the plant leaf. We expecct that the experiment will be success, the Mungbean will grow well, and the shape which is made in the black paper can be seen in the leaf.

But it doesn’t, my Mungbeans were failed because I started the experiment on Sunday afternoon. I was afraid that Ms. May would mad at me, so, I put it near my desk lamp at night so that it’ll  grow faster. The other experiment also failed because it was washed by the rain, we forgot to put the pot inside the classroom and now its failed.

Iknew now that an experiment in Science couldn’t done well without care from the one who made it. It needs discipline, following instructions, the most important is care with the experiment, it helps to make the experiment success.

And now, I realised that I didn’t do all of them, that’s why my experiment doesn’t look like what I had expected.


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