Pythagorean and Slope Wheel Activity – Math

During our Math class, we learnt about the Pythagorean Theorem, this theory, was found by a mathematician named Pythagoras, the name of the theory.This theory is written in one short equation:  a2 + b2 = c2 .

Where in “a” and “b” is the sides that perpendicular line, and “c” is the longest line in the right-angled triangle that we call as the Hypotenuse.

This theory can only applied to right-angled triangle. So, the sum of the squared “a and b” sides, is equal to side “c” square 😀


Another activity that I have done during the my math class is the slope wheel, doing this is fun, using it is also fun, me and my classmates made this slope wheel because of our topic, Gradient, this slope wheel give fun to me and can also help me. I love making and using it however, I can only used it for a while 😀


One thought on “Pythagorean and Slope Wheel Activity – Math

  1. I am glad the slope wheel was so fun for you. Just because the chapter is over doesn’t mean you have to stop using it. You can take it home and teach your parents how to use it . . . and practice more math for fun. 🙂 Teaching others is a great way to become better at something.

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