Biology – Grade 9

Hi readers! This is my first post in this new school year. Enjoy! 🙂

In our Biology class, we learnt about reproduction in plants, it include the parts of the flower, and the types of pollination, reproduction is divided into sexual and asexual reproduction, in this topic we did group activity.

We were divided into 4 groups, and my group mates are Regina, Angeline and Agam. We had chance to chose which plant we want to plant, and we choose garlic. We divided our work, and the next week, we brought the materials needed, we made 1 set up. We did the observation every week, as our formative assessment.

Then we did an observation of the inside part of yellow bell flower and orchid, we use microscope because some parts of the flower can’t be seen with naked eyes. After we observe, we draw the external look of the flowers in our notebook and we did some calculation for the magnification that we made. We also draw how the internal part of the flower according to what we see in the microscope. Do you guys know how does yellow bell flower and orchid looks like? Here’s the picture!

Yellow bell :


Orchid :



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