Hi readers! 😀 here is my post about my reflection on my ICT class at school.

On our ICT period, we learnt about the types and component of computers. This topic is quiet complicated, we got so many things to memorize here. To help this our teacher ask us to make presentation in groups, and then present it in front of our classmates, and then after the presentation, we did a quiz, so, we should pay attention to our friends’ presentations, and the result of my quiz was nice, I didn’t get low score.

The other activity that we did is with the same group, we made mind map about our topic that was given before. but the criteria now for the mind mapping must be presentable because it is going to be post and people will read it, so it must be nice, beautiful, neat, and presentable.

Last week, we had our term 1 examination, and these activities really help me on the exam. Today we are going to have our ICT class, I wish I could hear good news from my teacher that I got high score for ICT.


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