Class Meeting

After our Term 2 examination, the high school student council held class meeting for 3 days. Class meeting is an activity where each class: grade 7, 8A, 8B, 9 and 10 will meet in some activity, such as sport activities and others. 

So, on the first day of the class meeting, we did 2 sports, hand ball and football. Hand ball is for the girls while the football is for the boys of the high school. It was great, because our class, grade 9 win against the other class. We have half day school, so from the morning until half of the day we just play.

On the second day, there was Live performance, some of my friends performed. there were also school band performance, also dance from the other class. After the live performance, there was film viewing, we watch Insidious movie, After that we go home.

On the last day, we continue the activity on the first day. we play hand ball, and the boys play football. I don’t really enjoy the last day of the class meeting, because some of my friends didn’t come, maybe they are tired. Me and my friend felt so lazy to get out from the class, so we decided to turn the music on and enjoy the music so loud from the speaker inside the class room. But over all, the class meeting was fun. That was our second class meeting from the student council of junior high school.


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