PE Practical Test

Last Monday, My classmates and I had our PE (physical education) practical test. This is the heaviest PE test that I had ever done. we have to do Push up, Sit up, Back up, and Scot rush. Our teacher, Mr. Gugun is the one who will record how many times we did those activities in one minute. We were on partner, and my partner was Regina.

I did well on the test. I did about thirty more on push up, sit up, and back up in one minute. On Scot Rush, I can only did 20 times. I couldn’t do more than that because my body refuse to move. My energy had already been taken on the other three activities.

After the test I felt like can’t feel my feet. I can’t even walked properly to the class room. Regina and I walked so slowly to the classroom.

And then, on the next day, Tuesday, I felt my body hurt so much, and my friends also. We can’t even laugh so hard because our stomach hurt, however, we laugh because we were trying not to laugh to avoid this hurt, that’s why we couldn’t stop. 


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