Reflection on Starch Test

On 3 Oct 2012, we did an experiment to test starch on plants. We were asked by Ms. May to make 2 set-ups of mungbean. One set-up with light source and another set-up was put in the dark place (no light source). Another thing that we were asked to do is to put a black paper with shape and clipped it on the leaf. We expect that the experiment will be success, the mungbean grow well, and the shape which is made in the black paper can be seen in the leaf. But it doesn’t my mungbeans were failed because I started the experiment on sunday afternoon. I was afraid that Ms. May would mad at me. So, I put it near my desk lamp at night so that it’ll grow faster. The other experiment also failed because it was washed by the rain, we forgot to put the pot inside the classroom and it was failed.
I knew now that an experiment in science couldn’t done well without care from the one who made it. It needs dicipline, because when we care about the experiment, it helps to make the experiment success.
And now I realise that I didn’t do all of them that’s why my experiment doesn’t look like what I had expected.

Dish Garden and Me

Friends, do you know what a dish garden is? Dish garden is a garden which is made in a dish or in a bowl. In it, you plant small plant. But the important thing to remember before planting small plant is, you should know if the plant can live long in your dish garden.

On 7th November 2012, during our science class, we made this dish garden, I use a bowl, then put the soil in it. After that, I start to search the plant, Ms. May helped me in searching the plant and she also helped me in arranging the position of the plant so that it wouldn’t look so crowded. I try also to search moist to put at the bottom of the soil. This is the result :





For the first 3 weeks, it looked beautiful, fresh, and still alive. On the days after 3 weeks, I felt worried because the leaf of the tall plant started to change its color, and then it finally fell down. At first I was thinking, was it on its way to death? I asked my friends how to stop my plant changing its color into brown. I kept on spraying it. But still it changed its color. And then all the leaves fell. I give up and felt annoyed on taking care in it, I have sprayed it, I have given it sunlight, but it died.

On Friday afternoon, I and my family went to my father’s home town for 2 weeks, I left my dish garden at home alone. When I came back, I saw the plants and the moist had dry. Of course! No one take care of it. I didn’t ask someone to take care of it.

So I decided to start it all over again. I’ll change the dish, and put plants that are easy to live in a small place. And I promise to be more responsible with it, also take care of it so that it will live longer than the first dish garden that I make.





Hi readers! This is my first post in this new school year. Enjoy! 🙂

In our Biology class, we learnt about reproduction in plants, it include the parts of the flower, and the types of pollination, reproduction is divided into sexual and asexual reproduction, in this topic we did group activity.

We were divided into 4 groups, and my group mates are Regina, Angeline and Agam. We had chance to chose which plant we want to plant, and we choose garlic. We divided our work, and the next week, we brought the materials needed, we made 1 set up. We did the observation every week, as our formative assessment.

Then we did an observation of the inside part of yellow bell flower and orchid, we use microscope because some parts of the flower can’t be seen with naked eyes. After we observe, we draw the external look of the flowers in our notebook and we did some calculation for the magnification that we made. We also draw how the internal part of the flower according to what we see in the microscope. Do you guys know how does yellow bell flower and orchid looks like? Here’s the picture!

Yellow bell :



Orchid :



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  1. Wow! Nice entry Wukir! I enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work and I hope you have really learned to be more responsible in taking good care of your project.

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